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Hippie Hut Events, Private Yoga, and Wellness Coaching in 2023

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I teased you a bit earlier this week, but here are all the details and links you'll want to check out. I am stepping back into the Hippie Hut offerings with a renewed sense of joy and I cannot wait to share it with each of you!

Full Moon Candlelight Yin Celebrations

Reserve your space today, space is limited and fills up quickly! I am elated to have these back on the books. They will be held in a new location that is going to be a wonderful change.


Private Yoga Sessions

Have you been thinking about deepening your yoga practice, or maybe just starting one? Private sessions can be an amazing way to cater your time on your mat to EXACTLY what you need for your body, mind, and soul! Maybe 2023 is the year you truly invest in your own wellness! I have space for 5 more private students. Email to set up!

And Finally...... Soul Emergence

An 8 week deep dive into your body, mind and soul! Soul Emergence.....a therapeutic yoga program based in Yin yoga, designed to help you let go of old programing, free yourself from the old binds and step into your TRUTH. Through movement, meditation, and energy work we will create space in your body, mind and soul. We move through the body according the the 7 chakras to help you identify and integrate the body and soul.

Allowing the space we create to fill with things that truly feed your BEING and bring you the truest level of joy! In this course we dive deep into our pasts, to allow space for the future.

We offer this program in a number of ways, contact us today to find out what fits your needs best and then get started!!

Offered in small group or individual sessions. Contact us for more details, and to get started!


Looking forward to seeing you in some way very soon!!


Emily G.

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