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It's Been a While, Meet Emily G.

Meet Emily Garringer, ERYT-200 Curator at the Hippie Hut! Some of you know her well.....others are new here!

Let's get acquainted!

Emily considers yoga to be the practice of exploration into the body, breath, mind, and spirit, that challenges our past conditioning and habits, takes us beyond them to find the happiest healthiest version of YOU today.

Emily found yoga, in a hot studio in Boise, in 2001. Having spent most of her life immersed in dance and music programs she immediately fell in love with the idea of linking breath with movement. She has spend over 200 hours training in the areas of Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. As an accomplished Surgical First Assistant by day, and ERYT-200 by night, you will find her deep love for anatomy and physiology apparent in her teaching.

Her dedication to helping others explore the practice of yoga is shown best through her authentic teaching, Emily's classes will take you on a journey, facilitated by thoughtful sequencing, deliberate breath, playful organic movement, and intention. She guides her students through their own exploration towards their truest self.

Emily believes wholeheartedly that a mindful approach to the body, and an open heart will help to create heightened, awareness and bliss, on and off the mat. Changing the view with which we see our surrounding world, as well as our capacity to love ourselves and on another. When Emily isn't practicing or teaching you will most likely find her cooking, sharing time with loved ones, reading, traveling, or creating

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