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What is so magnificent about private yoga sessions?

When I first began to create the Hippie Hut, I had NO idea the impact that offering private yoga sessions would have on our community. Admittedly I am go grateful for such a dedicated group of students, that is growing quickly!!

The Hippie Hut offers private yoga instruction for any level of yogi. Specializing in Yin and Vinyasa we can incorporate both styles into your session to enhance your bodies needs and your mindful desires for your practice. Many of my clients started their yoga journey with private sessions. One on one sessions can help you build a solid understanding of yoga postures, vocabulary, and how the practice can benefit your mind, body, and soul.

Emily is gifted with the ability to approach class intuitively, offering you exactly what you need each and every time you take class. She will make you feel comfortable whether it is your first session or your 100th! Booking your first private session can be intimidating, but Emily will make you feel so comfortable, you may never want to attend a group class again.....but we encourage that too!!

You can purchase classes and book times via our webpage, or you can email us to work out the details and schedule! Or Email us with any questions you have!

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